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Podium Advertising is offering a full range of Web services.


Who we are ?

Podium Advertising is a Romanian Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency.

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Our commitment

We are committed to transforming your business into a number one, Hall of Fame level brand!

Your brand will be awesome and we want to get you there!



At Podium, we are committed to offering professional services for any business type: from start-ups, to organizations, and also e-commerce.


“We are committed to transforming your business into a number one, Hall of Fame level brand!” Your brand will be awesome and we want to get you there !


We place your website atop countless search engines lists by utilizing our best-in-class SEO strategy, so that your clients and future clients can easily find your website!


We manage your Social Media Marketing Strategy (SMM) to create greater awareness and faster growth for your brand by constantly updating your amazing content!


We are developing highly responsive websites, so you will have a distinct voice in the online environment. Your website is your business  card !

We Design for Mobile Platforms, too.

The websites developed by our Podium Advertising Specialists are highly responsive on any device! From smartphones, to tablets, retina-ready devices, as well as, laptops and desktops!

We Create And Develop Your Website Content In A Social Media Environment.

Social Media is where your business will grow. Social Media is our passion. We create Social Media Campaigns because they are the cost effective strategy for your brand to gain awareness.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

These first steps which will always be taken by Podium Advertising alongside our customers are listed below.

We focus on creating a friendly environment with all of our customers. We want to be your biggest advocates and in order to do that we must know each others businesses and agree on terms and conditions to move your brand from a dream to a Hall of Fame success!
This process is done to see where your business currently stands which is based on a professional SWOT Analysis.
We are excited to come alongside your vision and plan the best way for it to go further!
At this point, we implement our agreed upon Social Media Strategy for your brand to become well known
During our evaluations we all take a deep breath and evaluate the quality of our work. We set milestones that once reached will be celebrated together, while constantly continuing to improve as we move forward.

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